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World Team Championship 05





Last Update: 14/08/2007


2005 World Team Championship

In the World Team Championship the many times winners The Dutch played with a team that never played for Holland before. On paper their ranking was lower than many previous teams, but it included well known players such as Theo Gerrits , Roel Eefting and team captain Dennis Baas.  The fact that German captain Jens Schulze has a two year winning record vs Dennis would spell no good for the Dutch, but to everyone's surprise the guys from Holland managed to win all their games. This practically ensured victory for the Netherlands if they would get a draw or better against the UK.

In the next round the British players hinted they would revert to something known as the Belgian Attack, but in the end they didn't. Here again Holland showed supremacy, with 2 wins and a draw the Gold Awards were gone.

In the final round it was down for Silver. The Brits would only need to get a draw to secure it, but Germany did what they have done for many years, both Jurgen Winkler and Jens Schulze secured their matches, taking Silver back home to Deutschland.
The UK's first time ever medal in this tournament would be the Bronze.

Medal Positions

Gold = The Netherlands

Silver = Germany

Bronze = United Kingdom


Dutch Team:

  P W D L

1.Dennis Baas

2 2 0 0
2.Theo Gerrits 2 1 1 0
3.Roel Eefting 2 2 0 0


German Team:

  P W D L

1.Jens Schulze

2 1 0 1
2.Kees De Vos 2 0 0 2
3.Jurgen Winkler 2 1 0 1

British Team:

  P W D L

1.Anthony Melbourne

2 0 0 2
2.Richard Ratcliffe 2 1 1 0
3.Cris Sargeant 2 0 0 2

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