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U.K. Championships 06





Last Update: 14/08/2007


U.K. National Championships 2006

The first ever U.K. National Stratego Championships were played in late May and early June 2006.

The Championships were split into 3 different individual tournaments to represent the 3 popular variations of the game. The Championships were held on 3 different days. The Classic tournament was held on Saturday 20th of May 2006, the Barrage tournament was the following week (Saturday 27th of May 2006) and the Ultimate Lightning tournament ended the Championships on Saturday 3rd of June 2006.

All tournaments used the Swiss Perfect system and all the tournaments were held online. It is hoped that the 2007 Championships will be a real life tournament.


U.K. National Classic Championships 2006:

The Story of the day was the surprise results seen in this event.

Before the tournament started: The favourite to win the first ever "U.K. National Classic Stratego Championship" was the 2005 Olympic Champion (Anthony Melbourne). The only other real contender to prevent Anthony collecting his 2nd tournament win in under a year was Richard Ratcliffe. A few notable absence's were Cris Sargeant, (Britains #3 at the time) Matthew Ratcliffe (who played very well against high opponents in the 2005 Olympiad) and Jonnyboy (who is an upcoming online player). These absence's (due to work commitments) meant expectations were that it would be a 2 horse race with the rest of the field being composed of fairly new players. The favourite for the 3rd place before the Championships began was Guch, who was the next highest ranked U.K. player after Anthony & Richard.

The actual story of the day surrounded 3 players. Richard Ratcliffe, Anthony Melbourne & "Brigadier".

First Round: The expectations were turned on their head after only the first round. "Brigadier" shocked everyone by beating Anthony Melbourne in the first round. The first round so notable wins for the 2nd and 3rd favourites. (Richard Ratcliffe & Guch)

Mid Rounds: The mid rounds saw Anthony and Richard win all their games, Brigadier win all his games except a loss to Richard Ratcliffe and "Guch" drop down the leader board, with "G. Gogg" moving up into 4th place before the final round.

Final Round. The final round saw Richard Ratcliffe play Anthony Melbourne. At this point in the competition if Anthony beat Richard there would be a 2 way tie for 1st place (a 3 way tie, if Brigadier won his game). Richard only needed a draw to guarantee the title. Brigadier was tied in 2nd place with Anthony and "G. Gogg" was in 4th. The next highest players "Guch" and "Karrianne Wilson" (5th & 6th respectively) were effectively out of the medal positions at this point.

The game between Anthony & Richard was a real titanic game. Neck and neck throughout the game, Richard had a slight lead but risked the possibility of losing if he went for the win. Instead Richard shut down Anthony's movement and restricted his play. Anthony risked losing if he tried to break through and was forced to concede the draw. Richard was the first ever UK National Classic Champion. Brigadier won his game and took 2nd place. The draw was enough to secure the third place for Anthony. "G. Gogg" played very well to take 4th (just outside the medal positions)

Medal Positions

1st = Richard Ratcliffe (England)

2nd = "Brigadier" (N. Ireland)

3rd = Anthony Melbourne (England)



U.K. National Barrage Championships 2006:

The U.K. National Barrage Championships was a fairly straight forward affair. The absence of "Cris Sargeant" and "Jonnyboy" meant the "Ratcliffe Brothers" were odds on favourite for the top 2 places.

There were no real surprises in this event, with Richard winning the tournament. Matthew taking 2nd place and our top lady player taking 3rd place.

Medal Positions

1st = Richard Ratcliffe (England)

2nd = Matthew Ratcliffe (England)

3rd = Karrianne Wilson (England)



U.K. National Ultimate Lightning Championships 2006:

Again, no real upsets in this tournament. Unfortunate absences by "Cosmo", "Startego999", Matthew Ratcliffe  and "Jonnyboy" meant this was a comfortable championship win for Richard Ratcliffe. "Brigadier" played well to get his 2nd silver medal of the Championships and Karianne Wilson showed just why she is Britain's best female player, by taking a 2nd Bronze medal.


Medal Positions

1st = Richard Ratcliffe (England)

2nd = "Brigadier" (N. Ireland)

3rd = Karrianne Wilson (England)


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