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Last Update: 14/08/2007

Take advantage of this introductory offer. Space is limited!
.......Only $99


(A message from the Founder and President of The Stratego Academy.)

Welcome to the Stratego Academy!

The Site is not officially open yet and therefore our website at "StrategoAcademy.com" is not active yet.

Before we officially open the Academy, we are doing a series of test classes which allows us to offer lessons and coaching at vastly reduced prices, in exchange for vital customer feedback about our courses.

This page is ONLY available through the link which was contained within your e-mail as this is only a limited offer available to a select few players.

(Now linked from the Metaforge website and open to all, but hurry as numbers are limited)

About the Academy

Our primary objective is to enable the student to achieve levels of performance to a degree that may not have been possible if left to his/her own endeavours. We achieve this by providing instruction and explanation, demonstrating, observing, analysing and providing feedback on all Stratego game related topics.

In addition to learning the game up to Foundation level, we also provide the student with a 1 year subscription at the Metaforge Web Stratego gaming site.

Our Stratego coach will be instructor, assessor, friend, mentor, demonstrator, advisor, supporter, fact finder, motivator, counsellor, organiser, planner and the Fountain of all Knowledge.

The Faculty’s Courses are designed to provide you with a comprehensive and thorough training in Stratego and to provide the skills you will need in order to play Stratego competitively at the highest level. Our aim is to help you achieve your potential to become a skilled tournament level Stratego player.

Faculty Tutor

The Faculty tutor is a professional Stratego player who is the 2006 Ultimate Lightning Stratego World Champion. He finished 2nd in the 2006 Barrage Stratego World Championships and 2nd in the 2006 Classic Stratego Olympiad. He also captained the European Stratego team against America in the "Stratego Ryder Cup".

His aim is to ensure that you have a rewarding and individually supported learning experience.

Your tutor will support you throughout each module, review your games, give advice and make suggestions, provide specific examples and generally ensure that you have all the guidance and feedback you need to work through to the successful completion of each module.

Foundation Course

This course is designed for complete newcomers to Stratego and for those who wish to consolidate their previous knowledge within a structured course.  The course aims to provide you with a basic understanding of the mechanics of Stratego and the ability to play online Stratego with some degree of competence.   You will learn much about good setups and tactics which will help your overall game.  The Foundation Course includes an introduction to the importance of bluffing, the importance of defending and how and when to attack. You will also learn much about the how to avoid being taken and how to trap and capture your opponents pieces.

The Foundation Course is designed in 3 Modules, taught over a series of daily 2 hour sessions. Each Module contains 10 hours of tuition. A total of 30 hours tuition over the total course! The course lasts 3 weeks in total, 1 week per Module.

Foundation Course Syllabus  


Module 1 :  The art of the Setup.

What makes a good setup? How important is the initial setup? This Module gives great examples of good setups and shares some of the tactics and tricks that World class players use, when creating a good initial setup. What to avoid when creating an initial setup and reasons why.  This Module will give a great start to any new player who needs help with their initial setups.

Module 2 :  Defending.

Tactics & skills involved when you are using a defensive formation. How to defend effectively and tips which can be used to help create an effective defensive game. This Module also covers the very important extended rules which are played at International level. This Module will help you avoid being captured by an opponents attacking pieces.


Module 3 :  Attacking.
Tactics & skills involved when you are attacking. How to attack effectively and safely. Tips which can be used to help create an effective attacking game and strike fear into an opponent. This Module also covers the very important extended rules which are played at International level. This Module will help you capture your opponents pieces.


Completion of the first 3 Modules is a significant achievement in itself and will provide you with a solid basis for competing at an high level. Whether you wish to compete at tournament level or merely use your new found skills to dominate when playing family and friends, this course will help you compete effectively at all levels. The World is a competitive place and no one likes losing. So what are you waiting for? Be a winner!


The Price for this Master Class with one of the best Stratego players in the World, is a mere $99 which includes the $30 yearly subscription to the Metaforge WebStratego gaming site.

This price is not the regular price and will only be available for a limited period (while the testing phase is in progress).

The Stratego Academy (working in partnership with the Metaforge WebStratego gaming site) helping to bring more new players into the game, by improving the standard of new players.


While the Stratego Academy is in its initial test phase, all profits from these courses will be donated to the upkeep of essential Stratego information websites. Namely the British Stratego Association and the UK-Stratego.com websites. These are non profit organisations who help promote the game within the U.K. and around the World.


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