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British Open





Last Update: 05/05/2008


The British Open 2008

The first ever British Open Stratego tournament took place on May 3rd 2008 at "Trinity College Cambridge". The tournament was a big success and attracted players from the Netherlands, Ukraine and from Great Britain.
Britain fielded its top 4 players and a few promising new players from around the country. The day was made even more enjoyable by the stunning location of the tournament and the bright sunshine which graced the day of the tournament. The players showed a great camaraderie and the organisers would like to thank everyone who attended the event. Special thanks go to the Dutch and Ukrainian players who attended and supported us. Fun was had by all and a great day was made even more memorable as the B.S.A. formally signed it's constitution after the tournament.

The story on the board wasn't too surprising with the top 3 players before the tournament (based on their ISF ranking) finishing in the top 3 places. A good day for Anthony saw him finish overall winner with 100% wins. The favourite before the tournament (Tim Slagboom) finished in 2nd place overall. The second highest ranked player (Richard Ratcliffe) finished in 3rd place. Just behind Richard came a strong Dutch and Ukrainian contingent who finished in places 4th to 6th. In 7th place Cris Sargeant confirmed his place as Britain's #3 with a strong performance, just ahead of his closest British rival. (Matthew Ratcliffe)
This was especially satisfying for Cris, as Matthew finished above him in the National Championships and recently went marginally above Cris in the "Gravon" rankings.
The day was especially pleasing to see such close competition between the British players. Seasoned players like Cris & Matthew met tough competition from new and promising British players. There should be a few extra names on the World rankings, with wins for all all but 1 of the British players, showing the close competition among our players.

We also had some interest from the local television network, who filmed the tournament in progress and interviewed the organisers about the tournament and about the game.
All in All a great day for British Stratego and a memorable day for so many good reasons.

Medal Positions

Gold = Anthony Melbourne (GB)

Silver = Tim Slagboom  (NL)

Bronze = Richard Ratcliffe (GB)

Final Standings

1stAnthony MelbourneGB30 points
2ndTim SlagboomNL25 points
3rdRichard RatcliffeGB20 points
4thJulian SchooljanNL17 points
5thKees de VosNL17 points
6thMark CoenenUA16 points
7thCris SargeantGB15 points
8thMatthew RatcliffeGB12 points
9thSean O' ConnorGB10 points
10thLuke DanielsGB10 points
11thJay SmithGB06 points
12thJack SargeantGB01 points

Pictures from the British Open

Inside Trinity College

Cris and Kees on table 3
Cris & Kees
Cris & kees discuss the result of their game with Julian
Cris & Kees talk about their game with Julian Schooljan

Sean & Mat in deep concentration in a very close game
Two British players (Matthew & Sean) battle in a very close game.

Luke and Mark prepare for battle
Luke & Mark prepare to battle.

Young Jay shows his delight at winning his first game.
Jay wins his first game in the competition and celebrates. (Why do kids always pull faces whenever you point a camera at them?)

Anthony & Tim battle it out in a close contest on table 1.
Anthony & Tim battle it out on table 1.

a few passers by check the results from round 4
A few passersby check the notice board outside Trinity College and find Anthony Melbourne leads at the Lunch break.

The post tournament photo call outside Trinity College
They think it's all over, well actually it is for this year. All the players pose for photo's outside the venue.
(From left to right: Sean, Kees, Luke, Julian, Anthony, Mark, Richard, Jay, Jack, Cris, Matthew & Tim)

A few pictures of the tournament venue (Trinity College) before we all go for a well deserved drink.

trinity college centre pic      trinity college right view
Trinity College outside

trinity college inside1     inside trinity college 2
Inside the college where we played the 2008 British Open.

Mark, Kees, Tim and Julain relax and chat with their fellow Stratego players outside a local bar.           
Mark, Kees, Tim and Julian relax and chat with the British players outside a local bar.

cheers cris
Cris is rumbeled as Jack discovers where his Dad has been hiding his flag all these years.

A piece of history
Action shot of the British players signing the constitution.

other parts of the college 2     other parts of the college 1    
Trinity College has so many nice buildings, here are 2 more pictures of the college from Kings Parade.